High-Performance Double-Hung Windows for Homes in the Cincinnati & Dayton Areas

A home with beige siding has new double-hung windows with red shutters.When the time comes to replace the windows in your home in the southwest Ohio area, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which window style to choose. At Universal Windows Direct, we’re proud to provide our customers in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas with a wide array of window styles to choose from. We’ll be happy to help you select the best window for your needs and budget during your free consultation. However, for most homeowners, double-hung windows are the clear choice. Indeed, double-hung windows are the most popular window option on the market, and for good reason.

Why Are Double-Hung Windows So Popular?

There are two main reasons why double-hung windows are the most common style of window for homes in southwest Ohio.

The first one is the design of the house. Most of the home designs include double-hung or single-hung windows. When homeowners are ready to replace them, they decide to go with a similar look of what they already had. The added benefit is more advanced technology on operation, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Double-hung windows also provide undeniable appeal. After all, this window is a classic, and classics never go out of style.

The second reason why double-hung windows are so popular is because they are easy to clean and operate. In a double-hung window, the top and the bottom sash move providing easy operation to the homeowner. These sashes also tilt in for easy cleaning, so it becomes a convenient maintenance option for busy homeowners.

Choosing the Right Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows aren’t all the same. In fact, they vary widely in quality, as does the workmanship of the companies that install them. At Universal Windows Direct, we offer homeowners an unbeatable value on this classic window style by installing our exclusive Unishield products.

Compared with other double-hung windows on the market, our replacement windows provide superior:

  • Energy efficiency – Features such as low-E coatings, multi-pane glass packages, and insulated frames provide best-in-class thermal performance.
  • Beauty – You can customize everything from the frame finish and hardware to the glass options, allowing you to create a look that you love.
  • Durability – Made with premium vinyl, our windows can withstand the harsh climate and extreme temperature fluctuations in southwest Ohio. We even back them with an incredible double-lifetime warranty.

What’s the Difference Between Double-Hung & Single-Hung Windows?

Double-hung and single-hung windows may look similar. But there are several key distinctions that set them apart. These include:

Sashes & Tilt-in Properties

The first difference is the ability of the sashes to tilt inward for easy cleaning. As the name implies in a double-hung window, both sashes tilt inward, so the top and the bottom sash can be pulled from the main frame without damaging the window.

In the case of the single-hung window, only the bottom sash tilts or could be partially disconnected from the main frame. In a single-hung window, the top sash is static, and it cannot be moved.

Operation & Cleaning Advantages & Disadvantages

The double-tilt ability of double-hung windows provides easy operation and cleaning benefits. Although the process is simple, this is a huge advantage to keeping the windows looking good and saving money on window cleaning services. This is also a much safer process than getting on a ladder to clean the top part of a window.

The operation advantage is an improvement on the window design. It also provides an easy way to allow air to circulate into the home. Since the sashes go up and down, the homeowner can decide if they want the air to flow from the top or bottom or the window, or even both. If you want to promote ventilation from the top part of a double-hung window, consider choosing a window equipped with a full screen. Half screens are designed to allow airflow only from the bottom while protecting the home from intruding bugs.

Technological Differences

The third difference between a double-hung and a single-hung window is the technology difference. Single-hung windows are still available in the market and are a popular option in the new-construction industry. Single-hung windows offer a cheaper way to build a home because they look identical to a double-hung window.

The design and appeal of the home isn’t adversely affected, so homeowners purchase new homes with single-hung windows and half screens. However, single-hung windows usually come with outdated technology. This is because of the tilt inefficiency of its top sash, as well as the materials used to construct the window. Because of the lack of new technology, energy efficiency is significantly undermined with these types of windows.

With double-hung windows, there are many more options to choose from. While some double-hung windows still use dated technology, there are other alternatives with high-quality parts and pieces. The new technology ensures the functionality, durability, and beauty of the window as well as, most importantly, significant energy efficiency advantages. Energy efficiency is a primary reason homeowners decide to replace their windows in the first place.

Learn More About Our Double-Hung Windows

The window replacement specialists at Universal Windows Direct are standing by to tell you all about the features and benefits of our double-hung windows. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at your home in the Cincinnati or Dayton, OH, area.

“Love the windows! The installation was seamless! They arrived on time and worked steady until completed! They washed new windows, picked up everything from inside and out! Took all the old windows away! I enjoyed working with Universal Windows from Sales through installation. We have recommended Universal Windows to our family and neighbors!”

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“Love the windows! The installation was seamless! They arrived on time and worked steady until completed! They washed new windows, picked up everything from inside and out! Took all the old windows away! I enjoyed working with Universal Windows from Sales through installation. We have recommended Universal Windows to our family and neighbors!”

- L. Walton
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