Garden Windows Replacement for Kitchen

Garden windows are a unique home addition. Garden windows are the answer for those who love nature, gardening, and fresh food. A garden window provides the ability to have a mini garden inside the home.Many homeowners use garden windows to grow their own organic spices like parsley, basil, coriander, and many others. Other people use a garden window to connect their exterior world with the interior of their home. Homeowners will often place their favorite plants on their garden windows. Doing so brings their favorite flowers inside, without the worry of them dying.

The garden window design is meant to provide more glass space. More glass space allows the sunlight to reach different parts of the plants even in interior conditions. A higher glass space is what makes a garden window different and unique. They allow the plant to receive sunlight while protecting them from abrasive weather conditions. The homeowner can enjoy them while walking around the home, no matter the outside weather conditions.

Whether you’re a plant lover, a fresh food lover, or both, a garden window is a unique way to make exterior gardening benefits available from inside of your home.

If you want to bring your gardening abilities to the inside of your home, a garden window is the answer for you. Schedule a FREE no obligation estimate and let one of our home designers explain the benefits to using a garden window. Schedule your FREE estimate today and convert your window in your favorite mini garden.

Kitchen Garden Window

Theoretically, a garden window can be installed in any room of the house. As long as the opening meets the size requirements for a garden window, most garden windows are placed on the kitchen. The reason most homeowners want this specific type of window on the kitchen is very simple. Gardening normally has a lot to do with cooking. As explained before, garden windows are a solution for homeowners who love to grow their own organic spices.

If the garden window is located in the kitchen, reaching the spices while cooking becomes a lot more convenient rather than going to another room or outside to collect them. This is what makes a garden window so appealing to homeowners who love to cook with fresh cut organic products.

Do you want to start your own mini organic garden in your kitchen? Do you love the taste of home-made food prepared with fresh ingredients? Do you want to ad décor to your kitchen? Are you a cooking lover always looking for ways to improve the flavor or quality of your recipes? A garden window is the answer for you! Read more on our blog about the cost of a kitchen garden window. Schedule your FREE no obligation estimate and let us help you accomplish your cooking goals while increasing the equity and beauty of your home! Schedule your FREE estimate now!

Garden Window Replacement

Many homeowners love the benefits that a garden window is able to provide. However, they are often clouded by the daunting process of replacing a garden window. Although a garden window presents complex instruction, a professional can easily handle the replacement process with no issues. A garden window needs to be treated carefully, as any other high-quality replacement windows. The design, installation process, and warranties need to be provided by a specialized company and performed by true window experts.

The opening must meet certain requirements to replace an existing window with a new garden window. However, the rest of the process is similar to any other window replacement. Some of those requirements include opening sizing requirements for the product, and the space available on the exterior where the garden window is intended to be placed.

For garden windows to effectively provide gardening benefits, the window opening cannot be too small. If it is too small there is not enough space for plants. Additionally, garden windows stick out of the home so the sun can reach the plant that the window is protecting. Therefore, additional exterior space is required for the window performance. The last garden window consideration is which plants to choose for your new mini garden.

Replace one of your existing windows with a high-quality garden window.  Having the piece of mind knowing that your window gets replaced correctly is important. Schedule your FREE no obligation estimate today!

Let one of our home designers see if your window opening meets the garden window requirements. Design your dream garden window by scheduling your FREE no obligation estimate, and let us show you how Universal Windows Direct window replacement expertise is ideal for your projects! Ask us about our financing options to discover how a brand-new garden replacement window is more affordable than what you think!

“The salesperson was very professional and easy to work with. Installation went very smooth. The installer was friendly and did a great job.”

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“The salesperson was very professional and easy to work with. Installation went very smooth. The installer was friendly and did a great job”

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