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Many people assume that replacing their roof is only a matter of changing a few shingles and after that, everything will be fine. Here at Universal Windows Direct, we educate homeowners on the difference between a roof repair, a partial roof replacement, and a complete roof replacement. The biggest difference between the three is that by only repairing or partially replacing the roof, there is no way to tell if other sections of the roof have been affected. Also, there could be other issues with the roof, like deck rotting, that will require a complete roof replacement to avoid future problems. Because Universal Windows Direct specializes in complete roof replacements, we are an Owens Corning preferred contractor. This allows us to offer exclusive warranties, on both labor and materials, that are not available from big box stores or independent contractors.

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What are the proper steps to follow for a complete roof replacement?


The main objective of a roof is to offer protection to the home. To accomplish total roof protection a roofing system needs to seal, defend, and breathe. There are eight steps to accomplish a complete roof replacement:

  1. Existing roof removal & deck inspection: The installation crew needs to remove all the existing roof materials to get to the deck, and then inspect the deck condition. All the deck portions that show damage need to be replaced.
  2. Ice guard installation: The goal of iceguard is to prevent water damage on a wood deck. Ice guard needs to be installed on all places where the roof is vulnerable to water damage like the eaves, valleys, dormers, skylights, and around chimneys.
  3. Verify or install an intake ventilation source: As mentioned before, for a roof to offer total protection, one of the things it must to do is breathe. So the deck does not burn or rot from the interior, it must have proper ventilation. The intake allows fresh air to circulate in the attic and exhaust through the roof. Soffit is the most common source of intake ventilation, but there are other options available, such as deck and edge vents.
  4. Underlayment: The purpose of the underlayment is to protect the roof from water infiltration. There are a variety of underlayment brands and options like: 15lb felt, 30lb felt, and different types of synthetic materials. To avoid water damage, it is very important that the underlayment does not tear.
  5. Starter strip shingles: Starter strip shingles ensure a secure seal along the eaves where the roof is more susceptible to wind damage. In addition, it provides a cleaner edge look than hand cut starter shingles.
  6. Shingles: The type and quality of the shingles used along the entire roof will determine its durability and exterior beauty. Different shingle types and brands will resist natural elements differently.
  7. Exhaust ventilation source: For the roof to breathe or ventilate properly, it needs to have an intake (soffit or other source) and an exhaust. The exhaust allows the air to flow out of the roof through the attic. A roof without proper ventilation will not only create damage to the deck and shingles but also enclose unhealthy air in the interior of the house.
  8. Hip and ridge shingles: Hip and ridge shingles are specially designed to bend easier, allowing them to hide the roof exhaust ventilation source.This provides the roof a uniform and more appealing overall look.



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