High Quality, Energy Efficient Vinyl Siding in Cincinnati, Ohio


Installing brand new high quality vinyl siding is like having a new home with the same address. High quality vinyl siding provides energy efficiency, low maintenance, and curb appeal. When it comes to proper siding replacement, there is more than just panels to take into consideration. The house needs to be properly wrapped before installing the panels and should have insulation between the panels and the house wrap. High quality vinyl siding protects the home from the elements, while offering higher energy efficiency and a gorgeous look for your home.

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Why choose high quality vinyl siding over wood siding or paint?

When replacing their original siding, many homeowners don’t know what to choose… high quality vinyl siding, wood siding or just painting it. Three factors to consider when deciding to update your home are energy efficiency, appearance, and cost.

When it comes to energy efficiency, high quality vinyl siding will provide more benefits than wood. Vinyl is a better insulator than wood, plus it will not rot. A correct vinyl siding installation will include foam insulation in between the vinyl panels. Wood siding options or painting the existing siding will not provide energy efficiency benefits.





These three update options can accomplish a desired appearance when it is installed or painted, but the real question is how long will it last?  High quality vinyl siding does not fade, peel or bend through all the seasons for years. On the other hand, wood siding will rot and paint will peel or fade over time.






For many homeowners, the cost of the project is the most important factor. In most cases, the initial price of high quality vinyl siding will be more than some wood siding and painting options. However, the additional cost of wood siding and painting will be higher in the long run due to the additional maintenance, repainting, repairing…


Are you looking for an energy efficient, beautiful, cost effective siding option? Schedule a FREE, no obligation estimate today, and let us show you the difference in quality! High quality vinyl siding from Universal Windows Direct will boost your home’s curb appeal and your pride of ownership!



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