2021 Replacement Windows Cost Value Comparison

Feb 11, 2022

Average Cost and Value Comparison of Vinyl Windows Replacement in 2021

There are many factors that vary in the replacement window world. These factors include, but are not limited to, the style of window, frame construction, the raw material that the windows are made of, home requirements, labor challenges, the window installation process, quality of additional material needed for a proper window installation, and many others. Because of the factors mentioned, nowadays the cost of replacement windows has become more challenging to quantify. There is so much involved in the cost per window that trying to assign a single number would not be fair for the people that are looking to have their windows at home replaced while also achieving the best value for the project at a fair price. Although, assigning a single dollar amount is challenging, there are numerous known factors that influence that price. These factors are based on the value a window replacement project will bring for the home needs and the homeowner’s preferences.  

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New Windows Cost

The cost of brand-new replacement windows may vary from $500 to $3,000 per window installed. The considerable money variation on replacement windows cost is influenced by many factors, but there are 3 that could be considered the main ones, besides the glass package seal that is the most important in terms of gain value for a home and a homeowner.


The first main factor involves the raw material the windows are made of, or what “type of window” it is. The most popular ones are vinyl replacement windows and wood replacement windows. There are other emerging technologies, but the significant majority of the home residential market consists of vinyl replacement windows or wood replacement windows.


Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular because they are cost-effective. A vinyl replacement window installed may vary on price from $500 to $2,500. One of the most important things to keep an eye on while shopping for replacement windows is the type of vinyl the window is made of. The vinyl replacement window industry started with the use of recycled vinyl years ago. At the time, the majority of windows were made out of aluminum. In the search of a better energy efficiency alternative, the windows industry looked for a more energy efficient material that the middle-class American could afford. Recycled vinyl already came from a “waste” source, so reusing it to manufacture replacement windows that could hold up better through the pass of the seasons was a great idea. Through the pass of time, homeowners and engineers started noticing that recycled vinyl windows were sagging, decoloring, and losing strength. The reason why this started happening is because the properties of the vinyl itself were getting lost. Through the restoration of the vinyl to convert it to recycled vinyl to be used on the construction of replacement windows, the chemical processes applied, decrease the strength and durability of vinyl itself. This is one of the primary reasons why vinyl replacement windows are still looked at as a cheaper option than wood, fiberglass, or composite.

Is there a better alternative?

Nowadays the industry has evolved again. Since vinyl is a very low maintenance high energy efficiency material, many high quality window companies have decided to use 100% pure virgin vinyl as the main material, as opposed to glass, to manufacture windows frames and sashes. Using 100% pure virgin vinyl that has not been applied to any other use before, the vinyl keeps its strength, and beauty properties without sagging or decoloring through the pass of the years. 100% pure virgin vinyl is also bonded with sun repellent materials to increase even more the durability and performance.

As a conclusion the cost per window when it comes to vinyl will be deferred depending on the vinyl being recycled (still available in the market for reduction in manufacturing costs purposes). The value that the home and homeowner get out of using a higher quality vinyl will pay off in the long run, and will provide a better look, strength and energy efficiency properties that influences the overall cost of living in a residence.

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Wood replacement windows are known in the industry for its natural beauty. Stained home improvements bring elegance and class to the home. The drawback of using wood as a raw material for replacing windows, other than the very high cost of quality wood, is that through the pass of time any type of wood will rot. Although the windows will look nice after installation, it is really a matter of time for water to deteriorate the wood, causing it to rot. The average price of a full wood window installed varies from $800 to $3,000 depending on the type of wood used, installation process, company reputability, and other factors. Because wood is more susceptible to rot in the exterior than the interior of the house, companies are now offering a vinyl exterior window with a vinyl wood grain or real wood stained options. The most important thing to keep in mind with these alternatives is that vinyl does not rot while real wood, even on the interior, will rot and lose the beauty characteristics through the past of time (not as quick as the exterior, but it will happen).

If you want to get a price on vinyl replacement windows with wood grain options interior that would give you the pride of ownership you are looking for while keeping it a durable low maintenance project, schedule a FREE estimate today! Our home designers can give you an exact price for any wood grain options you want, or for a vinyl exterior with a true wood interior frame and sashes to get true wood status, the decision is yours!


The second main factor that influences the cost of windows is the window style picked and the different accessories that come with the window as part of functionality properties or optional upgrades.

The most popular window style is the double hung window. More than 80% of all the windows manufactured with the purpose of residential window replacement are double hung. It is not a surprise why people want to know how much they cost for their home. The price of a double hung window will vary first of all depending its size. The more materials are used, the more money it will cost, the material also includes the glass that is the most important part of the window.

The second factor will be the color, any color besides white will cost more money because of added manufacture processes and machinery. There are several color alternatives from pure vinyl options, laminated options, or painted options to achieve what the homeowner wants. The price will vary depending on the complexity and uniqueness of the color.

The last factor that will influence the price of a double hung window, besides the glass package, is all the different accessories the window comes with. There are accessories that are part of a double hung window to allow its functionality. The variation in price will depend on the quality that the manufacturer picked to use on a specific double hung window. These factors include the weather stripping, the type of balancer system used, the material of the screen, locking systems, frames insulation, and many others. The other type of accessories are the optional window accessories. Some optional accessories are different types of grids, locks, latches, type of screens, tinted glass options, obscure glass options, and others. All these different accessories will have an impact on the price per window, and that is one of the reasons why trying to quote a job by phone or just by window style might not be 100% accurate.
There are other styles of windows that homeowners can choose, such as picture windows, casement windows, slider windows, garden windows, specially shaped windows, or/and bay and bow windows. The last four options will be of a higher cost because of its complexity and amount of materials and labor needed, the casement windows will follow the list for the amount of glass it has involved and the crank out functionality, that makes this window unique. slider and picture windows will differ in price depending on the size, color, and accessories. The only difference between a picture, slider, and double hung window is that slider windows will go side to side, the double hung windows will go up and down, and the picture windows do not allow any type of operation. Learn more about sliding window installation.

In conclusion, replacement windows can come in a variety of styles and colors and have different types of quality accessories or upgrades. All those will take place at the moment of determining the price per window. If you want to get a price on your window replacement project, schedule your free estimate today, and pick your dream window’s style, colors, and accessories. One of our home designers will be happy to answer any questions and show differences in quality on windows.


Installation process is the third main factor that influences cost. A quality professional installation will increase the cost of a window replacement project significantly compared to a poor, unspecialized installation process. The more care an installer shows in the labor part will determine not only the beauty of the finished product, but the energy efficiency benefits. A homeowner could buy the most energy efficient replacement window. However, if it is installed incorrectly, it will not do what it is supposed to do.

Labor cost will vary depending on the experience and specialization of the installer. When it comes to window replacement a general contractor may not have the same abilities than a specialized window replacement installer. It is very important to consider a company specialized on window replacement, since the installers will be doing this type of labor on a daily basis. When a homeowner decides to go to a big box store and purchase windows and have a general contractor installing them, there is always the risk that installers haven’t been exposed enough to the trade or the type of window installation that the home might need.

The labor cost also gets affected by the company or contractor having the proper permits and insurances to proceed with the job. Hiring somebody that does not have general liability insurance or workers compensation insurance will decrease the total price of the project, but increase the risk of liability issues that might increase that price in the future.

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